The Unfiltered Lens Mission Statement 

The overall mission of The Unfiltered Lens is to inform and improve the quality of student life at the Community College of Rhode Island. We strive to accomplish this standard by reporting and writing the truth in an ethical and responsible fashion that enlightens the entire college community, while providing information in an unvarnished manner that seeks thoughtful responses, dialogue and, of course, action. We fully understand serving students is our clear objective and recognize the impact and, more importantly, the importance of this endeavor. We realize we do not make news but cover events that stimulate our community, improve college life and strengthen our Democracy.  

The Unfiltered Lens

Founded in 2007, The Unfiltered Lens is published every two weeks by students and contributors who want to keep the CCRI community informed and connected. Anyone with the desire to contribute, the discipline to adhere to deadlines, the ability to work both independently and as part of a team, and a strong belief in the principles stated in our mission is welcome to become a part of the staff.

Depending on the time commitment one wants to offer as a member of the college newspaper staff, there are a variety of positions that allow for students to gain practical experience working on a newspaper. There are always openings for staff writers for a multitude of sections, which are listed below. In addition, those working on the Editorial Board, such as Section Editors, Editor-in-Chief, and artists can learn to use Adobe InDesign, which is an industry-standard newspaper layout software.

There is also room for graphic artists, photographers, and cartoonists to share their creativity and improve their skills at The Lens. For students interested in business and marketing, we have opportunities for those who would like to work with our advertisers, who would like to manage our social media accounts, and who would like to coordinate our events. 

Join Us

Meetings are held weekly, wherein the Editorial Board members and staff members discuss, pitch, and assign stories and features for the upcoming issue. After each issue, the staff reviews the paper with the Advisor and Editor-in-Chief (the post mortem) to discuss and critique the issue to see what worked well and what could be improved.

Opportunities to hear speakers from the industry, to attend student journalism conferences, and to participate in workshops on relevant topics, including ethical principles of journalism, liable law, visual rhetoric, newspaper layout, and copyright law are available to staff members of The Unfiltered Lens.


-Editor-in-Chief (position filled until Fall 2021)

-Copy Editor

-Section Editor (for one or more of the following sections: College News; Arts & Entertainment; Sports; Nation, State & World; OP-ED; Science and Technology)

-Staff Writers (semester-long commitment)

-Contributing Writers (occasional commitment)

-Art Communicator (Lead Artist and Designer)

-Staff Artists (semester-long commitment)

-Contributing Artists (occasional commitment)

-Lead Photographer

-Staff Photographers (semester-long commitment)

-Contributing Photographers (occasional commitment)

-Social Media Manager

-Marketing Manager

-Advertisement & Event Coordinator

Meeting Times 

Friday 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. in KN 1214 (in-person meetings currently on hold)

Knight Campus Room 1214  



The Unfiltered Lens / ccriunfilteredlens@gmail.com / All rights reserved 2021
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